Advice & Warning Regarding Headlights


  • Most people like to get there car washed at their local car wash. Recently there has been a quite a lot of customers who think they have had acid thrown on their headlights which makes the headlights white & bubbly & can also leave white streaks including making the headlight go white & milky. With further investigation it seems car wash places are using FTAA25 a very strong Acid Based Alloy wheel cleaner liquid which is very acidic on plastic headlights & other parts of the car.

Be sure to tell the car wash attendants DO NOT PUT acidic alloy wheel degreaser anywhere other than the wheels. FTAA25 will burn through headlights & the damage is irreversible. A single headlight for latest cars including BMW`s, Audi's & Mercedes can be in excess of over £600 plus fitting cost.


  • If your car does fail its MOT because of your headlights, please do not take the advise of the garage & buy new headlights which can run into the hundreds of pounds plus fitting cost. Contact us first to see if we can restore your headlights so your car may pass its MOT.
  • Some companies sell headlamp restoration kits fully knowing the customer would not be able to perfect the restoration. Then charging to come out & do the restoration costing the customer double.
  • We are now offering a same day headlight restoration for MOT failures.
  • If you have just bought a new car or even if the car is of a high end model we advice you get your headlights protected.
We advise to replace your halogen bulbs every 12 months just to be sure you dont get left out in the dark as they tend to go out anytime

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