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Changing a headlight bulb to cars that were made before 2018 was easy & cheap you could pick up a bulb for £10-£20 from various auto shops. But as technology in headlamp units become more complex. Replacing a bulb or bulbs in cars made in 2018 & onwards can now cost you a staggering £700 or more due to the unit being sealed. The sealed unit can not be opened & the bulb can not just be replaced as in older models. A new headlamp unit must be bought & fitted. More information can be found in the express newspaper.


I often get asked "Skippy which headlight bulbs are the best?" Well guys here is a list of the best headlight bulbs for 2020


Lexus continues to pioneer automotive headlight technology. We look at the world-first BladeScan adaptive high-beam system. Full article on the Lexus website.


Drivers warned they could be fined £100 for blinding other motorists. Full article on the Daily Express


Ever wondered how car headlights are made. Lets find out


Modern car light output are dazzling other roads users according to RAC & even causing accidents due to newer headlight technology such as LED or Xenon. Nearly 15% of motorist say they have suffered a near-miss as a result of being dazzled by modern headlights that they believe are too bright. More information in the Fleet News


Imagine if you could display a message through your headlights? Well now you can with the new Mercedes-Benz digital headlights display. View the video


Do you know the rules regarding your car lights? Get all the details here & avoid a penalty


Laser Headlights really? BMW i8, Audi R8 LMX, and the new BMW 7 Series have it but are a staggering £7,995 as an optional extra


Not removing snow & dirt from headlights could result in a fine - Full article and info


New headlight technology not only comes at a price but it also keeps us safe. Check out the new led adaptive headlights feature it's simple yet effective. Also known as matrix light technology. Many new cars have this option & will be rolled out to all new cars after 2025.