Headlight Protection

As the price of headlights just seem to rise on modern cars. Having them protected from scratching, stone chips or minor scrapes is a must. A deep scratch or a graze can result in a massive unwanted bill. We have the ultimate solution to protect your expensive headlights. Headlight protection armour is a 5mm thick clear plastic film that covers the whole headlight & will not change the appearance or aerodynamics of the vehicle but will protect the headlights for years to come

To see what a grazing on a headlight looks like visit our repair headlight scratch page. All our protection film are factory pre-cut to the model & year of the vehicle & ready to be installed. If you have a new car or a high model vehicle its best to have the headlights protected.

Benefits of having headlight protection

  • Protects headlamps from scratches
  • Protects headlights from stone chips
  • Stops headlamps from yellowing & turning foggy/hazy
  • Fraction of the cost of replacing a grazed headlight unit
  • Instantly Increases value of car
  • Safer knowing your headlights are protected

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