Headlight Restoration Kit

Headlight restoration kits can be found at a very cheap price to a more expensive entry level. Most restoration kits claim to solve the headlight problem but do they? Some only work for a week or a month but eventually the haziness & dullness returns back to the headlamp within a very short period of time. Most kits never achieve the original new look of the headlight which can be frustrating to say the least.

Using headlight restoration kits may seem a straight forward job but the amount of people that have burned & ruined or left deep scratches on their expensive headlights is unbelievable. When you are working on something so expensive like car headlights & headlamps why take the risk. Knowing new headlights including fitting cost can run into the hundreds of pounds.

Some companies sell headlamp restoration kits fully knowing the customer would not be able to perfect the restoration. Then charging to come out & do the restoration costing the customer double.

Headlamp restoration kit & kits - The good, the bad & the ugly truth.

The Good - Can be bought at low price to a more expensive entry level.

The Bad - You can easily burn or spoil the headlight which in return can be impossible to restore.

The Ugly - If you have tried a kit please note Skippy does not repair the mistake or the risk you have taken.

The amount of phone calls & email`s we get due to people messing up their expensive headlights is amazing. Knowing the price & the 5* service we offer. Skippy will not come out to repair your headlights if you have made the mistake.

Below are a few pictures sent in by those who tried a headlamp restoration kit but ending up buying new headlamp units.


Skippy offers a one year guarantee with our headlight restoration service & lots of after care advice with more help just a phone call away.

We offer great value for money & a hassle free service. Read what our previous customers said about Skippy`s Headlight Restoration & Protection