Headlight Restoration Service.
Get your cloudy, hazy & dull headlights back to its original condition with our headlamp refurbishment. Great way to save money by not buying new headlights & best of all we offer a great mobile headlight refurbishment service.

Headlight & Headlamp Protection.
Protect your headlights from scratches & grazing with our ultimate headlamp protection service
Buying a new car comes at a cost. Protecting your new headlamps from stone chips & scratches is one of the best ways to protect your new pride & joy.

Headlight Scratch Removal Service
Remove deep scratches & grazing from headlights & headlamps.
If you are unlucky to get your headlights scratched. Feel free to contact us & see if Skippy can help.

Headlight Resealing Service.
Reseal headlights to stop any water & mist or condensation & bugs making it`s way inside of the lens. Most cars will sooner or later get the seal on the headlight housing come away. Get it sealed back up before water & bugs find their new home.