Headlight Restoration Price

As Skippy`s Headlight Restoration entered its 3rd year on February 8th to celebrate we will be giving a free box of headlight ceramic coating with every headlight restoration starting February 10th

Our headlight refurbishment prices are the same for all make & model of cars. We do not charge more for luxury cars. No matter how foggy hazy or yellowish your headlights are the price stays the same. At a price of just £25 per headlight you can save a fortune by not buying new headlamp units.

We don`t have any call out charges as our mobile headlight restoration service is perfect for people who may just have the weekend or a day off or have other responsibilities looking after the young & the elderly. We offer a great value for money option. See what our previous customers said about our service & our restoration.

We do ask our customers to view the cost of new headlights & the price of getting the new headlights installed by your local garage.

We have contacted over 50 garages in Lancashire & just to get new headlights installed & fitted the average cost is £60-£80 including headlight alignment. Which is why getting your current headlights refurfurbished & restored is a lot cheaper & at a fraction of the cost of buying & installing new ones.

Skippy`s does not repair or refurbish headlights that have white streaks or headlamps that have turned milky white due to car washing using acidic alloy degreaser & tar remover.

We serve most of Lancashire & Manchester. To see some of our work view our before & after pictures of restored headlight lenses For more information please contact us or you may book your appointment through our booking page. Be sure to read our terms & conditions.


No payment is taken online. Payment must be made after the restoration has taken place & you are completely happy with the results.