Headlamp Questions & Answers

To help we have answer`s to the questions people have asked us regarding headlight repair & restoration. If you have any questions be sure to ask.

Skippy`s will write all your questions with answers to help others. Ask a question by contacting us


What causes my headlights to get oxidized & hazy? UV sunlight, Inside bulb, exhaust fumes, road debris.

Is it possible to refurbish car headlamps? Yes of course but most dealers don`t want you to know.

Is there a alternative to buying expensive headlight units? Yes reconditioned the ones you currently have.

Is the foggy appearance coming from the inside of the lens cover? No but sometimes it can be condensation.

How long will the restoration cleaning take? Typically around 90 minutes but can take much longer.

Will my headlights stay looking new? Yes as long as you follow our instructions after having your headlights restored.

What is UV sealant & how does it work? UV sealant is a barrier that's protects it from the sun & other factors.

Will my viewing distance increase at night? Light output can increase by up to 30% due to having clearer lenses.

What improvement can i except after the restoration? As good as having new headlight units fitted.

Can my van headlights be restored as well? Yes we renew van & car headlight lenses.

Any new MOT rules regarding headlights? Not enough light output can cause a advisory or even fail your MOT.

Do the headlights have to be removed for the restoration? Not for the restoration, but for resealing the headlight it does.

Is it safe to drive with oxidized headlamps? Oxidized headlights endangers you & your family's safety.

  What are the white spots on my headlights? Car wash places use FTAA25, a Acid Based Alloy wheel cleaner liquid which is very acidic on plastic headlights.

Should i buy a used car that has cloudy & hazy headlights? Skippy says no. It could be a MOT failure or it can put you in danger by driving in the dark.

Headlight restoration kit? Seeing the cost of buying a decent restoration kit & the time it takes doing it yourself not forgetting you may burn through or make your headlights even worse. Its better & safer to leave it to the experts.

Just installed new headlight bulbs & still cant see the on coming road any ideas? Check if your headlamps outer lens are clear. No matter which bulbs you install if your lens are cloudy & hazy it will act as a barrier & the light will not penetrate through the lens.

My new 2 year old car has circles in the middle of the headlight? Modern HID, Led and Xenon bulbs give out a lot of heat which will leave heat circles in the inside of the headlights lens.

Questions On Headlight Seal

Why has my headlights got water in them? Headlights seal which surrounds the housing has broken away or has come apart.

How to fix headlights with moisture in inside? Best way is to reseal the headlight to stop the moisture getting any worse.

Will condensation in the headlight affect the electrics? Yes it can cause electric shorts & maybe blow a fuse or two.

Is condensation a MOT failure? Yes it is. If it distorts the beam pattern of the light output.

Dangers of water in the headlights? A single drop of water can shatter a hot bulb. Condensation will cause corrosion of the terminals in the connector.

My headlights on my 1 year old car has misted? Maybe a design fault please ask your car dealership for further information.

How did bugs & insects get into my headlamps? Please check your headlight housing for any openings & holes.