Repair & Fix Headlight Scratches/Stonechips

Headlamp scratches & grazing including stone chips often comes from road debris and by driving to close to the car in front. Modern cars are made from a softer grade plastic than older models which can make the headlight lens easily scrached & grazed.

Cost of a single headlight in modern cars have skyrocketed due to new technology used in the headlamps some are over £700 per headlight plus fitting cost but we can remove scratches, scuffs & restore the lens at a fraction of the cost of buying & installing new ones.

Currently Skippy is working with Mercedes & Nissan in Blackburn. Below are a few videos if you would like to partner with us please feel free to contact us. To protect your headlights from stone chips & debris you might want to consider headlight protection.

Headlight Scratch Removal Service - Working with Mercedes & Nissan


Headlight grazed & scratched before but restored to a new like condition after. 2017 Plate Mustang