Reseal & Repair Headlights

The seal around headlights tend to breaks down over time leaving gaps & holes around the headlight. Which causes water, bugs and condensation to enter. If the condensation & moisture in the headlight housing unit builds up to a dangerous level it can cause a electric fault which can effect the whole headlamp unit or worse effect the whole electric system on a car. The seal around headlight units may become loose or leave a gap in any year & model of car or van. Most modern cars have this problem as there are not sealed air tight unlike older vehicles. As more & more moisture starts build up it will effect the light output & does certainly make the car look terrible.

Most MOT centres will fail the MOT due to having water & moisture in the headlamps as this distorts the beam pattern. Before the unit gets damaged & water logged it is best to reseal the headlight so it can stop the build up. Skippy will reseal the headlight or headlamps to its original condition & remove any water or condensation including bugs from the inside of the unit leaving it clear & air tight so no bugs & water can re-enter. Need more information please contact us.

Water and condensation build up in headlights & headlamps.