Same Day Headlamp Restoration

As vehicle MOT`s are becoming stricter every year. Now having cloudy & hazy headlights are a MOT failure. Some MOT centres will not release the car as it is immediately recorded on the national database as no longer road legal, regardless of how long the previous MOT's validity is remaining.

If your vehicle fails its MOT before your old MOT certificate expires: You can't drive it with dangerous faults. These need to be repaired first. If you use a vehicle with a dangerous fault you can be fined £2,500, be banned from driving & get three points on your licence.

Skippy is offering a same day urgent headlamp restoration service for this. With our Mobile Headlight Restoration.

To stop this service being abused, MOT failure papers required as proof.


Please note we cannot guarantee this service 100% due to the weather & other bookings. If you are unsure your vehicle will not pass its MOT due to its headlights (we advise to restore your headlights before the actual MOT takes place) Failing a MOT could result in your car being undriveable. Loss of earnings & a few days wait for the headlights to be restored.