Ceramic Coating Headlights

Once headlights have been restored to their original condition they should be kept that way. Ceramic coating is revolutionary in the auto industry by using nano technolgy to protect headlights from hazing & yellowing. The coating which comes as a liquid form but once applied starts to Crystallized over time forming a hard glass like barrier. Stopping (Yes) the unwanted UV sunlight from harming plastic headlights. Unlike the usual headlight sealant the coating can withold the long hot summer days. Best of all its it offers the best gloss, shine with protection & its micro scratch resistant.

  • Prevent headlights going dull
  • Stops headlights from yellowing
  • Protects headlights from UV rays
  • Stops headlamps going cloudy
  • Keeps headlight looking new
  • Micro scratch resistant
  • Super hydrophobic effect
  • Brings the shine to headlights

All customers who have headlight restoration will be given a free box of Mr Fix 9h original Headlight Ceramic Coating.
How to apply
it will be demonstrated by myself.