What is headlight refurbishment & restoration

Headlight restoration or headlamp refurbishment is a way to clean, repair & fix cloudy, hazy & dull headlights of your car or van. Years of exposure to the sun & other environmental factors takes it toll on plastic headlights, making them go cloudy & hazy or can even turn some yellow. Due to all vehicle headlamps now being make from plastic rather than glass it is possible to restore them to a new like condition at a fraction of the price of buying new units. Nothing makes the car look better or newer than headlight restoration & nothing makes a vehicle look more horrible & older than having foggy & dull headlights.

Headlamp restoration & refurbishment is also great for the environment. Why replace something which can be reused & repaired to as good as new or back to its original condition. Cost of headlights also plays a major part in restoring headlight units. Knowing new headlamps are really expensive & the fitting cost that goes with it. It`s non brainier to get them refurbished & repaired rather than buying new ones.

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