Why Restore Cloudy & Hazy Headlights?

Restoring clarity to headlights should be given a top priority. Hazed & cloudy headlights are a safety hazard for you & your family. Buying new expensive headlight bulbs will not increase light output if the headlamp lens stops the light being projected. Read the benefits of gettings your headlights restored.

It is said that heavy oxidized lenses acts as a barrier which can effect as much as 70% of light output which means you see much less of the oncoming road. See video below.

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The danger also applies to us here in the UK


Yellow & hazed headlights are also a eye sore this can make your vehicle look much worse & older than it is. There is nothing worse or embarrassing than having yellow headlights lenses. Headlight restoration brings back value to you car and makes it that much easier to sell if you need to.

Failing you MOT because of your headlights is a total waste of time. New MOT rules introduced in 2016 does not only test the correct alignments of your light but also how much light is being projected to as being road safe. Government are also bringing in new strict rules regarding how much light should be emitted from vehicles headlamps lenses. More information on our same day service for MOT failures.